Debate around the web

In links on September 25, 2009 at 4:03 pm

The Daily Telegraph has said that it paid £110,000 for the data about MPs expenses. Assistant editor Andrew Pierce said:

“So far the taxpayer has been reimbursed by MPs £500,000, and there will be more” and described it as “money well spent in the public interest

Harry’s Place has criticised an interview on 5Live with a reporter from Press TV:

“The BBC are not telling their listeners that Press TV are a Iranian government funded operation, the station’s slavish support of the regime, and the problems they have had with impartiality.

According to the Guardian, the situation of Notts County shows the limits of the football league’s “fit and proper person test” for directors. It is an example of self-regulation. The Guardian says:

Lord Mawhinney, the League’s chairman, told the government this summer that he would be “happy to work with the FA and Premier League” to see how the rules could be “strengthened appropriately, including how they might be applied prospectively”.


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