Debate around the web

In links on September 20, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Alasdair Palmer in the Telegraph writes:

“The BBC is the only public body whose accounts aren’t checked by the National Audit Office. No wonder its bosses have no concept of value for money

Iain Dale takes James Macintyre of the New Statesman to task for an article accusing the Tories of racism. The following exchange is particularly interesting:

Q. Why was the article removed, and was it done with your knowledge?
A. No comment.

Pickled politics says that a shortage of junior doctors is partly due to tabloid newspapers:

“Thanks to the tabloids and the EU, we now don’t have enough people to heal the sick. The incompetence is striking.

Tom Watson MP criticises a news report from Cathy Newman of Channel 4 which inaccurately said that the Tories were responsible for the Westfield shopping development:

“Either the Tories hoodwinked Cathy Newman when briefing her or she’s willingly broadcast a misleading story.


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