Debate around the web

In links on September 17, 2009 at 3:39 pm

Media Guardian reports that the government is to conduct a review of libel laws, particularly as they relate to online content:

“Existing defamation law needs to be updated so it is fit for the modern age, and it is important we listen to views on the best way to achieve this”, said Jack Straw, the secretary of state for justice. “Freedom to hold and express opinions is a right that is vital to democracy.”

Press Gazette report a poll of journalists which found that more than half across Europe fear a decrease in standards as a result of the economic pressures in the industry:

Almost two in three of all respondents believed that the number of printed media will shrink dramatically in the near future and 32 per cent of journalists in the survey thought that their print publication or broadcast could be taken off the market altogether.

Culture secretary Ben Bradshaw has attacked the BBC Trust:

“I know of no other area of public life where – as is the case with the Trust – the same body is both regulator and cheerleader.”

The Guardian has sprung to the defence of one of its correspondents who attracted the attention of Quentin Letts:

“Sources close to Miss Slinky point out that during the PM’s speech . . . Miss Slinky wasn’t, by then, actually in the auditorium, as her website deadlines meant she was busy in the newsroom filing copy.


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