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In links on September 16, 2009 at 5:04 pm

There’s some controversy over a Daily Mail story reporting the protests in Washington DC against Barack Obama’s healthcare plan. The number of protestors in attendance is in some doubt. The page title of the article suggests that the article originally claimed “up to two million” attended whilst the headline currently reads “a million march”. Some of the most popular comments suggest that there were only tens of thousands. The debate has been taken up on the Wardman Wire.

The Daily Mail has apologised today for an article which originally appeared on 25 May 2007.

Tim Toulmin is to step down as the director of the PCC. Roy Greenslade writes:

“Toulmin has no immediate plans to obtain another job. He is taking on some unspecified “projects” and, in the short term, is looking forward to a restful period that includes “having a lot of fun. His job will now be advertised in national newspapers. Interviews, due to take place in October, will be conducted by a panel appointed by the PCC’s board. The capable deputy director, Stephen Abell – widely known by his nickname, Stig – is my tip for the job.”

The Guardian reports that Michael Palin is “very angry” and “very let down” after being censured by the BBC Trust.

“The complaint was upheld. That, I believe, brings the BBC into disrepute. I think it was a stupid decision. I felt very, very angry and very let down,” Palin told a Royal Television Society veterans’ lunch.

  1. There is no doubt over the Mail’s headline – it is unsourced and originates in a lie. Follow my links for the unequivocal documentation.

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