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In links on September 15, 2009 at 7:52 pm

Former Chancellor Nigel Lawson has called for stricter regulation of banks but a light touch regulation of other financial institutions – a sort of variagated regulation – via ConservativeHome.

Harry’s Place covers the account of someone who worked inside Press TV:

“There are a number of instructive vignettes concerning life at Press TV. You will enjoy reading about the horror of channel director, Mohammad Sarafraz, at finding photograph of a Press TV employee in a bikini on a Facebook page. His response: to circulate a photograph of the employee within Press TV, while issuing an injunction against ‘friending’ other employees.

There’s an interesting submission to the media select committee about the BBC’s complaints process:

“The procedure is extraordinarily lengthy and bureaucratic. . . At each stage of the procedure, BBC personnel defending the coverage are given the last word and use it to raise new points which the complainant does not get an opportunity to address.

George Monbiot has published correspondence with The Spectator about climate change:

“There are thousands of people out there making crazy and demonstrably false claims, about everything from the shape of the earth to seven-foot lizards, but none of them are worth staging an event for. Why him? It reinforces my observation that otherwise-sane editors take leave of their senses when it comes to climate change.


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