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In links on September 8, 2009 at 1:41 pm


“Is there any journalist in Australia who isn’t currently endorsing a product, organisation or PR agency?”

The Guardian reports that bcap, the body which governs the rules relating to broadcast advertising has:

“delayed publication of the results of a controversial review of the UK advertising code, which includes proposals that could allow abortion clinics to run TV commercials, until next year after receiving around 4,000 submissions.

Michael Kinsley, of the Washington Post, says of the New York Times corrections column:

“Although the purpose of this column is to demonstrate the Times’s rectitude about taking facts seriously, the facts it corrects are generally so bizarre or trivial and its tone so schoolmarmish that the effect is to make the whole pursuit of factual accuracy seem ridiculous.

Judith Townend is complaining about an article in The Independent which criticises online media for passing on inaccuracies. The article itself repeats an inaccurate story from uncorrected newspaper clippings.

“The irony is this: the inaccuracy repeated by Smith occurred as a result of stubborn mainstream journalism habits. Why don’t the newspapers correct the copy? Responsibility isn’t always taken by named and supposedly accountable writers either.

Philip Stevens writes about the Murdoch view of Ofcom:

“News Corp should not be immune. It wants Ofcom emasculated, supposedly in the cause of competition. But that sits uneasily with its own behaviour. Mr Murdoch senior, some will recall, did his best to use his pricing power to drive out competitors from the newspaper market during the 1990s. A current investigation into BSkyB’s monopoly in the pay-television market may explain some of his son’s antipathy towards Ofcom. Mr Murdoch wants regulation when it suits him – hence BSkyB’s request that Ofcom rein back the expansion into new media of the telecommunications company BT.

Iain Dale reports an apology from the Daily Mail who confused David Davis MP and David Davis of the Libertarian Alliance. The original article, highlighted by Dale appeared on Friday 4 September.

Anton Vowel noticed on Twitter:

“Today’s Star: JACK ‘RAPE’ CAUGHT ON TAPE. Story: “Cops are desperate to find out if the alleged incident might have been filmed…”


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