Debate around the web

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Jim Godfrey, formerly of ITV, writes in defence of Ofcom suggesting it has been successful and distancing itself from DCMS and has more credibility as a result.

Derek Jameson, a former editor, writes of the plausible deniability culture which, he says, helps insulate editors from knowing what their reporters get up to. Dominic Ponsford‘s reaction is also worthy of note.

An analysis of how the role of a journalist is changing thanks to modern technology. It’s interesting how often the regulatory implications get missed from these discussions.

Iain Dale highlights a survey of MPs holiday arrangements being conducted by the Daily Telegraph. It’s not clear how this attempt at compromising privacy (albeit with consent) is in the public interest.

Camilla Cavendish has won an award for her investigative reporting of family courts.

There’s some controversy over the Daily Express article reporting Richard Desmond’s failed libel action against Tom Bower. It’s not clear that the article is accurate.


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