Debate around the web

In links on July 16, 2009 at 10:53 am

The media select committee will take evidence from Rebekah Brooks (nee Wade), Colin Myler and Tom Crone next week as part of its investigation into the phone tapping allegations – according to the Snowblog.

A magazine for former MPs has urged sketchwriters to be less rude to MPs and says that the parliamentary standards committee should consider banning those who engage in personal abuse. The idea appears to be a clear infringement of the freedom of expression of sketchwriters – via the Londoner’s Diary.

The Lord Chief Justice has called for less lawmaking. He said that the government had created too much legislation framed in too many words creating too many crimes – via the Daily Mail. The argument supports the theme running through the debate on regulation that creating new rules does not necessarily foster a spirit of compliance.

Sarah Ditum examines the Telegraph’s business model, suggesting that it is wrong-headed to pay Boris Johnson £250,000 for a weekly column whilst inventing journalists – via Judith Townend.

Mick Fealty writes about the phonetapping story:

“the blogging phenomenon has prospered through the huge gaps left by the conventional media, this may be an opportunity to press home the advantage bloggers have of being multiple and mostly unattached to larger interests, to take up a task so unsurreptitiously being dropped by all but one of Britian’s big national newspapers, and dig around in the background to find out just what’s really been going on.”


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