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In links on June 12, 2009 at 7:15 am

The Daily Mail’s HTML refuses to clear Air France ‘terror suspects according to Martin Belam. Whilst it’s not clear that it’s the Daily Mail’s fault (or a result of an editorial decision) this story highlights the significant extra layer of editorial challenges that newspapers face online – via Currybet.

Hate it when pissed off PRs Cc in my editor – the equivalent of telling my mum when I’ve been naughty – according to Hannah Prevett, a business journalist.

Telegraph ‘didn’t tell any lies but was selective in its facts’, says Lib Dem Voice site editor – via At this debate Andrew Pierce, assistant editor at the Telegraph, claimed that the paper had only made one correction. “So far we’ve printed one correction: we got a house mixed up. I’d say in terms of journalism that ain’t a bad ratio.” Which of course is true, if they only made one mistake!

Prime Minister’s spokesman ‘tells off the Telegraph’ according to Nick Assinder. “If the Daily Telegraph has specific allegations about Shahid Malik please bring them forward. We would expect all government ministers to comply with the independent regulator and there’s no reason to believe that has not been the case with Shahid Malik – it’s not for the Daily Telegraph to be the judge and the jury about this.”


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