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In links on June 8, 2009 at 8:23 am

Kate Moss is threatening to sue IPC media over false reports that she is pregnant – via Media Guardian.

Peter Preston has praised the PCC for proactively taking action to defend the privacy of Susan Boyle.

Ben Goldacre writes about inaccurate press coverage of ‘the cost of illegal downloads’ following a press release (later corrected) which used inaccurate figures. He also tells of an extraordinary exchange with a press officer.

Anton Vowel looks at mainstream media attitudes towards the BNP suggesting that various commentators have echoed the BNP’s policy positions whilst rejecting the party.

Martin Belam blogs about the relationship between mainstream media and new media in perpetuating inaccuracies – particularly reports of Jonathan Spector’s Twitter account.

Joanna Geary‘s post about Gareth Barry’s letter in the  Birmingham Mail is an interesting case study in accountability. Geary corrected herself in the article and the editor of the BM has engaged in the comments section.

The Frontline Club is hosting a debate tonight: ‘MPs expenses: a triumph for journalism?’ – via Stephen Tall.

Bryan Appleyard suggests that the lobby system should be scrapped because its protocols prevent members (political journalists) asking tough questions of politicians.

@GeoffLloyd of Absolute Radio has Twittered about having to undergo compliance training to learn about the BNP and radio issues. It appears as though he didn’t particularly enjoy it.

Jon Reed asks what a blogger’s terms of discourse should be. He asks: “How should I balance what I love about blogging: the immediacy and the (often) outspoken nature of an entertaining blog, with the need for intellectual and factual rigor?”


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