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In links on June 4, 2009 at 2:00 pm

The Public Accounts Committee has criticised the BBC for failing to open up detailed financial information to public scrutiny. The PAC found that the statutory arrangements in place for the BBC were insufficient to enable its value for money to be scrutinised. The PCC is not funded by the taxpayer – a significant advantage of self-regulation according to Buscombe – but it does perform functions in the public interest. The press review group found that the “PCC’s ability to perform its functions as a self-regulator also appear to be compromised by the way its funding is controlled”.

A respected group of scientists have signed a letter by Sense About Science calling for reform of libel law so that it is not used to surpress legitimate debate about science.

The Daily Telegraph has now sold one million extra copies as a result of its MPs expenses stories.

Michael Owen has received damages from the Express after an inaccurate story regarding the future of his career – via Media Guardian.

A group of media organisations has convinced a judge to lift reporting restrictions in a criminal trial – via Press Gazette

Baroness Buscombe will give the opening lecture at the Society of Editors’ annual conference – via Press Gazette.

Samizdata finds different standards in the media reporting of the death of an abortion clinic doctor and an Islamist who killed an armed forces recruiter in the US

UPDATE: @currybet Martin Belam has made some thought provoking remarks on Twitter about media regulation and election coverage.


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