Debate around the web 27.05.09

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2009 at 1:02 pm

Jon Slattery reports that one newspaper group has lost £200,000 in potential revenue after banning advertisements for sex from its newspapers. The revenue has been diverted to the internet, according to the police force.

George Dearsley is a journalist and media trainer. His blog is interesting for anecdotes about ‘fleet street’

Liberal Conspiracy reports on a payout from the Daily Mail to a women who were subjects of an inaccurate Femail piece about attitudes towards adoption. Apparently the story was changed after the intervention of an unnamed executive. The Daily Mail’s apology can be viewed in full and came three months after the initial story – apparently through the PCC process. The legal action took a further three months.

The Times has paid £15,000 after being found in contempt of court – via Press Gazette.

Iain Dale disputes the Telegraph’s sequencing of events in the Simon Heffer vs Alan Hazelhurst story and suggests that the failure to put a byline by the article is an indicator of poor journalism.


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